Your Life & Money Matters  is a boutique firm created to assist younger generations be financially successful and live the life they want to live by taking control of their finances.

Everyone’s financial journey and goals are different, YLMM uses all the financial disciplines to help clients live their own lives with their own money, in a way most suited to their needs.

We are qualified and experienced in helping people of all age groups and life stages manage their financial endeavours.

In our experience with more mature clients, it is those clients that started good habits in their youth who are most financially satisfied in life. Our goal is to help start those good habits and keep you on track to build your future.

AboutUsKeryn Batsilas


Keryn Batsilas

Keryn is the Founder & Financial Adviser at YLMM. Keryn has over 12 years experience in financial services. Keryn created this business as a sole operator to allow for the provision of truly boutique advice and to create an environment where long term personal relationships with clients will flourish.


Diploma of Financial Planning
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Master of Financial Planning (currently undertaking)


It is fantastic to be able to offer a truly boutique and personal experience to clients. However there are some benefits to clients in having a larger team. To ensure our clients access the best of both worlds, we work with a team of experts that form our Advisory Board, this helps us to ensure we deliver the best advice to our clients.

Avalon Financial Services

The Responsible Managers of AVALONfs have a combined experience of over 50 years in Funds Management, Life Insurance and Compliance and provide Technical and Compliance support to us to ensure we provide quality advice to you.


The AFA has been the authentic voice of advice professionals since its beginning in 1946. Today, the AFA is a vibrant, innovative association whose members remain driven by a shared belief in the value of great advice for more Australians. The AFA provide training, legislative guidance and support to YLMM.