Check Up


The check up meeting is an opportunity for you to have an expert review your finances and give you some pointers in regard to areas that you should address. At the end of the meeting you may decide to move forward and engage us for your advice journey or you might walk away feeling informed and comfortable with where you are at.

The benefit of this service is that at the end of it you will know where you are at financially and that is the first step in taking control of your future and achieving financial freedom. This is a great way to check in and make sure you are on the right track.

The check up meeting is approximately 45 minutes (online over Zoom), your situation is fully reviewed prior to the meeting to ensure maximum value during our time together. 

This fee for this service is a once off payment of $550. 

Along with peace of mind and improved financial knowledge, you will receive tangible useful information you can use to make good financial decisions about your future:

  • A balance sheet report – detailing your financial position, including super and insurance info.
  • A spending report – detailing where you are spending your money.
  • A suggested spending plan for you to stick to going forward.
  • Action points – items to consider so you can keep moving forward in your financial journey
  • The option to engage us for our Money Matters program, only available if you have had the Check Up.
  • A discount on the Advice Journey service.